Thinking About Downsizing?

Our home holds a special place in our hearts. Especially if it’s where our kids have grown up or where we have experienced many of life’s milestones.

Inevitably though, there comes a time when our existing home no longer serves us the way it once did. A large home can go from being a place full of life and the beautiful chaos that goes with it, to a burden that constantly requires cleaning and repair, with rooms you haven’t entered for months.

It’s at this point that thoughts of downsizing come to mind, instantly followed by contrasting brainwaves of doubt…

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have a smaller place that wasn’t so much work!

But where do I even start trying to declutter?

But I don’t want to move away from family! How am I ever going to find something I like!”

Many owners end up in this merry-go-round for years. Moving is hard at the best of times, but throw in a lifetime of memories tied to an existing home, not to mention a house full of furniture and knick-knacks, and it is easy to understand how inertia wins the day and moving remains a pipe-dream that feels a million miles away.

Don’t lose hope! I have some great tips for you…

1. Visualize the end result

No more gardening, mowing the lawns, cleaning rooms that don’t get used – what ever is your reason for downsizing; visualise an ideal outcome and how relaxed you will be! You can put your feet up and not have to worry about anything.

Even if you are 12 months away from selling, property sites online have a huge variety of properties that you can view and work out your wishlist of what you would ideally like… That way when the time comes you can be very sure you are not only making the right decision but the prospect of moving won’t be as daunting.

I can also step in and share with you new listings and recent sales of homes of similar characteristics so you can monitor what price bracket you will be expecting.

I have helped many downsizers including my Mother and family friends, and understand this journey first hand. Hand on heart I can assure you they are very happy in their new homes.

2. Slow and steady

It isn’t easy to encourage a relative or friend to consider downsizing as it is emotionally draining to part with such amazing memories or equally wrap your head around moving from your treasured family home.

It is definitely a slow burn and room by room, cupboard by cupboard, photo by photo; this can be chipped away at over time.

3. Secure your future with longer settlements

In this current buyers market, it is often possible to secure long settlement dates with sellers, up to 6 months or more, leaving you plenty of time to secure the right home to suit your needs as a cash buyer.

Everyone who is buying or selling is in the same position as you and more than willing to make any terms and conditions work. offers great advice on what is in a sale and purchase agreement and I can also provide you with any insights if you have any questions or concerns bout how to secure a new home on your terms.

4. Ask for help!

Whether it’s family, friends,… or even your favourite real estate agent… you’ll be surprised how quickly people like to muck in.

Or – if you simply dread the idea of packing or moving – and don’t know where to start, we highly recommend the innately talented Melissa of Ask Queen B.

Her secret super power and passion are decluttering and organisation, and helping buyers and sellers wherever they are in their journey from shifting out to moving in.

Melissa can take any stress away easily for you, your loved one or friend. You will feel instantly at ease with Melissa on the case.

For more information on how she can help you either go online to: or contact me for any other tips and recommendations.

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