Inside Look: Behind the Scenes of a Real Estate Listing with Paige.

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when your home hits the market?

As a real estate professional, I put an incredible amount of work into the behind-the-scenes once a listing is secured and before it goes live. there are many variables and factors that we put into every listing that a lot of people do not see or probably appreciate.

Let’s dive into the detailed process from start to finish:

1. Initial Paperwork and Compliance:

  • Have you checked if your house is completely consented? This can be a disaster last minute if this hasn’t been checked.
  • As agents, we need to ensure that your property has all the necessary paperwork signed by you as the vendors with all of the legal jargon and process explained in full, ensuring legal compliance and clarity. The fewer barriers to entry from prospective buyers – the better it is for your back pocket.
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) documents are gathered and verified for property owners, guaranteeing transparency and security. Make sure you have updated Driver’s Licenses, Passports, utility bills, and everyone relating to your title ready to hand these over at once. We legally need to sight the original documents not copies to move through to the next stage of your listing sign-off.

2. Listing Preparation:

  • Once we have completed a comprehensive listing checklist and submitted documentation for processing, the marketing budget and calendar is finalised, outlining five weeks of strategic activities where unseen real grunt work kicks in.
  • Once you have paid for your marketing, our client care team get straight to work booking all of the necessary media suppliers recommended for your property.
  • Your agents meet with the photographers on-site during the day to best capture your property in its best light, then again in the evening at dusk.
  • Once these have been sent back to our offices, we lay out the full selection of photographs and get the input across the office of which are the best photos to use for your digital marketing as well as direct marketing touchpoints (Flyers, DLE’s, etc).
  • These are then loaded up into our back-end systems and we gather some unique information from our vendors on what they love about their property, location, what attracted them to the home in the first place, and what they think will appeal to the market.
  • This helps draw in the emotional aspect of the home to those looking online and paints the picture of who we are targeting in the marketing from music, headlines, copywriting etc.

3. Preparing the Property:

  • Vendors are guided to declutter, tidy, and stage the property to appeal to specific buyer demographics.
  • On-site finishing touches are then coordinated to review the property’s unique features and capture its essence during photoshoots scheduled for the coming week.

4. Marketing Execution:

  • Professional photographers and videographers are engaged to showcase the home’s charm and location.
  • Social media reels and daily posts attract new followers and generate buzz around the upcoming listing.

5. Open Home Experience:

  • Detailed open home packs are created with essential property information for visitors.
  • Memorable open-home experiences are curated with music, treats, and engaging activities.

6. Ongoing Campaign Management:

  • Marketing assets are continually optimized with new hero shots and headlines to engage potential buyers.
  • Regular updates are sent to the existing database and active buyers are contacted for suitable properties.

7. Buyer Journey Support:

  • Buyers are guided through the purchasing process with trusted advisor recommendations for mortgage brokers and lawyers.
  • Objections and reservations are addressed, ensuring a smooth negotiation and transaction process.

8. Vendor Communication and Reporting:

  • Weekly vendor meetings provide insights into market trends, price feedback, and listing performance. This is key in aligning vendors to the market feedback and where buyers are seeing value.
  • Most buyers have been in the market a lot longer than our vendors therefore this feedback is critical to us guiding our sellers to where the price needs to be in this market.
  • Open home reports and our online portal showcase the impact of marketing efforts and buyer interest daily to the vendor so they can track their campaign and interest levels.

9. Team Collaboration and Promotion:

  • Agents collaborate to promote all listings, leveraging collective expertise and resources across all brands. Some are more open to this than others so make sure you check with your agents before signing anything.
  • Market insights are also shared across our teams to adapt strategies and optimise to achieve the desired results for clients.

10. Closing the Deal:

  • Agents need to work very closely with buyers across the process and work alongside their journey too. Everyone has different motives and situations and buyers are not seasonal like sellers.
  • It’s not a traditional buyers market and a lot of owners and buyers alike have concerns around interest rates, and employment, therefore being empathetic to everyone’s needs so so important.
  • Leading them gently towards becoming unconditional on your property and providing support throughout the valuation and settlement process, and beyond is key.
  • Valuations and negotiations are conducted fairly to facilitate successful property transactions.

Real Estate Listing and Preparation involves meticulous planning, creativity, empathy, and dedication behind the scenes before all else. At Paige Gemmell Real Estate, I am committed to providing a seamless and rewarding experience for both sellers and buyers.

Stay tuned for more insights into our real estate journey!

Interested in anything more specific related to our behind-the-scenes of a new Listing and our Vendor Preparation Process? Contact Paige today to learn more.

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