Why Sell Now? Let’s find out from the Real Estate experts…

I promise you; this is not the page where I convince you that you must sell with me right now, this moment, today and I will be your agent for life (although that part is true).

No. This is the page where you can hear directly from the best in the business as to what’s happening in the market.

Let’s get the facts and hear what Chief Economist at Ray White, Nerida Conisbee has to say about it:

Property prices continue to rise and, at this stage, are showing no signs of slowing down.

As we head into late spring, should you sell now?

Or are you better to wait for more price growth?

Most sellers are subsequent buyers. While the red hot property market has been great news for pricing, it has been a difficult market to buy in.

Positively, listings are slowly recovering from the late start to what has traditionally been the strongest selling season.

If you’re a seller that wants to buy back into the market, there will be more available over the coming months.

In determining whether you should sell in this market, read this month’s edition of Ray White Now for a list of our considerations via https://www.raywhite.com/ray-white-now/

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